I Can Never Repay My Debt- Vippasana (Battambang, Cambodia)

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I am your servant. You are the master. Please, master, tell me how it is I can serve you best. This is my job, to serve you.

That’s what she said to me. Seriously.  Those exact words.

I’ve donated money for this and that cause before, and always felt good about it. And even if it was to the guy on the street, who I am pretty sure went out and bought more alcohol with it, I figure it is my job to give it lovingly and his job to figure out how to spend it. We each have our end of the deal. Each his own responsibilities.

And then there was that emergency center in Houston where I arranged literally hundred of volunteers and thousands of donations (goods and monies) which I later learned was not all necessarily distributed the way we thought it would be. But, I release that, all of that. I gave, and empowered others to, and what became of it, the end result surely brought more good to others, whichever way it wandered.

But here, God I feel so awakened, so brilliant, so grateful for the care and service given to me, all in the loving hands of volunteers.

All given by others who had done Vippasana’s before me and wanted to be sure those after them have that whole experience. I could not eat any more the white rice mush, my raw food stomach and digestive system shut down, and so, I modestly requested a lighter menu, and they, all of those volunteers, bent over backwards making me salads just so, and dishes just like, and with so much love.

And when I cried and asked for help, the managers, the teachers, the volunteers were there. And when I told the manager I was so sorry for burdening her, she stopped smiling, and said so seriously as she bowed to me,

“I am your servant. You are the master. Please, master, tell me how it is I can serve you best. This is my job, to serve you.”

And that blew me away.

So, donate I did. And I am so grateful to them all, for enabling me to have this experience. So, so, utterly grateful.

This is where I put in my donation, and one of the two managers blesses me. So cute, so, so, so cute.


Have you ever given money to something and known that this was the absolute best use of you money? Have you ever felt such deep appreciation that you knew that you money could not even scratch the surface of your gratitude? Have you ever been in love with a people you could exchange mostly smiles with? Yes. Yes. Yes.

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