A Little Gift to You- The Four Noble Truths

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light and inspiration for the soul

I love sharing. Unless, it’s one of the first bites of my food, chocolate, men, a long-awaited ice cream (food, I know, but it deserves its own category), my lap, books (that you return smeared and water-logged), money, or my laptop.

Ok, so I take that back. I’m self-centered, and don’t really love sharing all that much. Not ‘love’, not ‘like’, but ‘can’. Yes, “I can share, when I want to, and it has no ill consequences on me, and does not take away from my own satisfaction of the agreed upon shared item.”

But, knowledge I like sharing, and a lot. Spiritual knowledge, ways to improve our lives, light unto our souls, inspirational empowerment, new self-help insightful life-changing ideas; I LOVE SHARING. And so, I’ve a little gift for you. It’s actually four pictures that I think sums up some really good information. It’s four pictures that I’m made, for you, and I hope can remind you of four truths that can be at the core of changing everything.

The more we surround ourselves with inspirational information and light, the more it seeps into our souls, and becomes who we are. And so, The Four Noble Truths, in pictures…. Enjoy!“What, Gabi? You’re not talking anymore? That’s physically impossible!”

I know. Enjoy the silence, and the pictures.

  light and inspiration for the soul


inspiration for the soul


light and inspiration for the soul


light and inspiration for the soul


If you wanna share any thoughts, please do. I hope these reminders bring you more awareness and peace regarding the sacred place The Four Noble Truths can create in your journey towards enlightenment.

I have loved sharing this with you,




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