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My name is Gabi Klaf and I welcome you with a huge hug to my online home. I am the wife of Kobi and the mother of three amazing children, who teach me joyfully (and sometimes painfully) everything I am meant to learn as a parent, as a soul, and as my own inner child.  This site is about our journey towards enlightenment, one step at a time. We find opportunities to reach enlightenment in lofty areas like learning, meditations, and reflection; and in the most Earthly, every day struggles like dealing with family dynamics, facing my own gremlins, and choosing how to drag myself out of the most painful moments of my life.

I’m honored that you are here. Following is my e-compass rose to guide you to the best content.

 Who Is Gabi Klaf?

Before you can learn from someone, you must know who they are. Do they speak your language? Do they vibrate at the frequency that your soul needs right now? Do they inspire you to take action (physically and spiritually) to reach your greatest self? This section will teach you who I am  and how I empower others to live life to the fullest. If you find my voice resonates with yours, only then can you consider taking me as your personal healthy family and life coach.

Part 1- My Addiction: Consumed by Desire 

A Mom Who Longs To Be

I’m Sexy And I Know It- Full of Myself and Spiritual

 Healthy Weight Loss & Lifestyle

I have been shy to speak of my losing 28 pounds, and I’m not sure why. I share everything (but, everything else) and yet my weight loss has remained very private, hidden. Maybe I’m just where I thought I always should have been, or maybe I’m still carrying loads of unresolved childhood weight issues, or maybe I wanted you to assume that I always looked this good. [All of the above.] So, here, slowly, I’m sharing my inspirational story of how I look younger, sexier, toner than I’ve ever been in my life. It is here I share HOW TO, constant inspirational tips and stories, and my ongoing YouTube saga of personal projects and challenges to help you reach and maintain your most-diva-est you.

Join Me On The Other Side- Looking Good Naked (Video)

The Road to Raw Food

Enlightened Inspiration and Appreciation

When our souls are appreciative; we can see, really see all the blessings around us. When inspired; we fully connect,  experience, and create in our lives. We live in joy and deep peace of mind. We want to surround ourselves with material that inspires our soul. These articles highlight the videos, photos, quotes, and words that have created this frequency in me, and in countless others.

Let’s Set The World On Fire

Music For The Soul

The Way to Enlightenment- Overcoming Ourselves

Make me wise, so that I may understand…. I ask for wisdom and strength, not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself.- Ojibwa Prayer

The core of everything in our lives is us, and that silent conversation within ourselves. Every thought, dream, and fear; every magic moment, miscommunication, and heart-drenching disappointment radiates from how we  communicate to ourselves.  This determines how we will function, how we will overcome our flaws, and if and how we will triumph in our greatest challenges. This light also determines how we will connect with our families, work out disagreements, build relationships or push those we love away from us. Here, you will learn powerful family coaching tools, in addition to deeper reflective tools to create clean, healthy communication within and outwards.

I Was Almost Raped Tonight Running Alone At The Beach

Anatta- Releasing the “Me, Me, Me” Drama Story

Enlightened Parenting and Family Relations

It is our deepest desire to laugh, love, and bond with our family; and yet, we spend so much of our time frustrated, mad, and hurt by them. We could easily be enjoying a magic moment that instantly turns into hell, over absolutely nothing. (Sigh). Our family members are here to teach us many wonderful things.   In this section, we explore how to communicate, grow, learn, and become enlightened through our family relations. This section is a communication toolbox packed with what we can do, outside and within our souls, to make our family relations much more rewarding, effective, and respectful.  (Note: This is my all-time favorite picture. I look at her, and connect to a deep, quiet place; a place that I wish to be in when with my family)

How Not To Fight

Need to Destroy- Exhausted Mom Faces Her Violent Son

Five Ways To Live The Life You Believe In

Ten Critical Tools To Not Explode Back

 Enlightened Learning

All day I think about it, then at night I say it. Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.- Rumi

Education is meant to be an inspirational, on-going process guided by curiosity and light. Education takes place in the creases of a book, in the marketplace, and while watching a bird, a carpenter, or your grandmother do what she does best. We are destined to learn until our last breath. And, until that time, our job is to find books, people, situations, courses, and movies that fill our souls and challenge our minds. This section is about our learning  and our children’s learning. It is about sharing powerful learning, and overcoming  barriers that prevent learning from reaching is Highest Light.

Everybody Needs A Rock

Handling Our Own Anger- Advice From One Cool Dead Guy


In my 8 months in Cambodia, I wanted a teacher. I sought a monk, and found one, and dumped him. Determined to learn and know, I started a four-month intensive self-learning Buddhism Crash Course that ended up being more material than my Masters in Psychology. To push myself to greater heights and deeper understanding, I began teaching classes, three times a week in Buddhism and Meditation, often five minutes before my class. This is my self-study into Buddhism, which later graduates into my formal Vippasana Meditation Education. Buddhism has brought much clarity and maturity to my drama-queen-loving self. I know these ‘how to’ articles have brought great light to many. Read them slowly, and ask what you don’t get.

A Little Gift to You- The Four Noble Truths

Proven 10-Step Program to End Suffering- by Buddha Himself

Deep Calmness in 5 Minutes

Vippasana Meditation

As a family therapist, an energy healer, and a  person on my own pain-to-light journey who will continue to explore every module of healing that I believe can add to my arsenal of holistic healing tools, Vippasana blew me away. Shutting up for ten days was the easy part; What came up and out of me was an inferno of hell that nearly killed me. Vippasana Meditation Centers are all over the world, and free. I could not recommend a gift for your soul greater than this. Here I share with you the before, after, and how I struggle to maintain meditation as a regular part of my daily life.

Clueless- What Comes Up In Total Silence?

I Can Never Repay My Debt- Vippasana (Battambang, Cambodia)

Cuz You Haven’t Seen Me Shower Yet- The Great Neutralizer (Video)

The Ultimate Enlightenment- Energy, Light, and Self-Healing

Our bodies house our souls. If the container is sick, the soul will not have a safe home to sit in. If the soul is carrying pain, or our chakras are blocked; the body will follow suit and fall ill or lethargic from the energetic toxics within him. Clean Your Soul focuses on the mind/body/spirit connection and what we can do to maximize and take responsibility for us reaching our cleanest, healthiest, youngest, fully potential. This section gives us all the tools necessary to cure our selves and heal our pain. It focuses a great deal on my Clean Your Soul Interactive Work, which includes Buddhist Psychology, Family Coaching Principles, Energy Healing, NLP, and Removing Subconscious Sabotage.

The Little Toe- New Knowings About Who I Am

How To Love Myself- Part 1

Enlightened Engagement With Gabi

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And sometimes, still, we find that even the very best online articles, videos, and e-books are not enough. Sometimes, I need to see someone’s eyes; have someone listen, deeply; have someone there who can tell me exactly what I need to hear to help me take that next shaky step.  Sometimes, I need an objective, caring, professional to take my hand and lead me gently back to myself. If you are fed up with being stuck in your life and ready to take that next step, you can get direct one-on-one guidance from Gabi.

I provide limited one-on-one phone or Skype coaching/therapy to motivated clients willing to invest on creating the lives they want. It would be my greatest honor to help you overcome what is choking your soul, take the next steps necessary to overcome your pain, and reach the light you are meant to be bathed in.

It is my deepest hope that what you find here will inspire, enlighten, instruct, and strengthen you on your journey.

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