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What To Do When “I Statements” Don’t Work

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“I Statements” are pure magic. They teach us, reprogram us to speak to our children in a new way. “I Statements” teach us to be logical, clear, and non-aggressive in our requests. But, alas! every magic has its limitations. “I Statements” if used improperly will not bring the results you deserve. Read these three most common parent complaints to be sure you are using them to help, not harm, your family communication.

Parent Complaint #1

“It’s so fake! I sound like a robot! I can’t talk this way!”

Of course it’s fake.  We are used to yelling, screaming, blaming, and losing control. Suddenly, limiting our monologue to four bullet points is very awkward. That is the point. We want to create a new dynamic of speech between you and your children: one that works respectfully and effectively.

Six Ways to Stop Shower Show-Down

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Shower time can be hell. Trying to convince Jr. to get into the shower, and then trying to convince him to get out can be exhausting. Once you show clear leadership, and a little bit of creativity, it will be a breeze. Try these tips to ease your way to physical and emotional cleanliness.

My Son Has Cancer

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KIND WORDS is a free e-publication I get into my inbox. I admit, I don’t open them all. Who has time? But, when I do, I usually cry. They are fabulous, inspiring short stories about ‘acts of kindness’. They are just marvelous ways for you to a- be reinspired to be that person you always wanted to be who is constantly touched and reminded about the little important stuff and b- teach your children and those you love through sharing the stories.