Snooze Or Exercise- The Power of Our Choices- Battambang, Cambodia

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Join Me On The Other Side- Looking Good Naked (Video)

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Gotcha! You sick little puppy, you. Are you here cuz you saw the words ‘naked’ and ‘video’ in the same line. Well, I’m not in the video, so you can go scoot off to another site for all of that kind of action. Here, we’re talking about the soul, the body, mind, and soul and how they dance together, and need each other to fully support each functioning in their highest greatness. So, I’ve decided to start sharing my story. I’ll be publishing a lot about how I lost 28 pounds (in the video, recorded last April) I was still at 23 pounds, and was/am/will be very proud of it.

Enjoy the series about our bodies and helping them reach their fully joy.Any questions at all, please ask. I promise I’ll either answer you personally or create a video post answering it.Wanna get my movies as soon as they go live? Subscribe here to the YouTube  Gabi Klaf Channel.