When You Want To Kill Your Child, But You’re Too Busy Being Grateful

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Child is pushing on every single button I have. Complaining, talking back, whining, “Why did she get that and I didn’t,” and “It’s not fair,” and pre-hormonal outbreaks of “I hate you!” slamming doors and dramatic crying fits. And I’m out of breath. Literally. I. Cannot.Breathe. I simple cannot.

My heart it pounding into my throat as I debate which would bring me more immediate joy- violently attacking child or eating fifteen snickers bars. Both I consider both an inch more than slightly irrational, though in my current state of mind it’s not blazingly clear to me which would be worse. It should be. My mind knows. So does my heart. But these buttons, these neurons of painful unresolved issues firing like hot flashed dog-in-heat, they don’t speak the language I’ve trained myself to adhere to. They don’t get anicca, and light and energy healing. They don’t speak that tongue.

How Do I Stay Happy? Soul Swinging In The Night Rain

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gabi klaf, health and wellness coach, healthy lifestyle coach, family therapsy, mom blog, healthy weight loss for busy moms and dads, inspiration, energy healing

It tickled and danced around us. Not like the day rain. She was hell. She was too strong, too stingy, and overbearing. She was confused, stuck, searching and not finding. And I saw all these other people watching the day rain too. The doorway guy, the booth one, and that old man on the stool. Did they see what I did? Were they also hoping the rain would wash away something it did not? Or maybe it’s just a reflection of who I was with my face mashed against that faded wooden frame, pushing forward to feel her spray. Why am I always seeking that, that just-out-of-reach thing, that which will make me deeply happy and calm?

What am I lacking right here and now? I’m traveling the world, have no health, money, or relationship problems (besides the one I create in my mind for my own dramatic enjoyment). I do what I want, when I want. I’ve three unbelievable kids and the greatest gift in this Universe husband, and still, I gaze at the rain and feel a desperate emptiness gnawing in a silent whisper of desire.

Everybody Needs A Rock

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These days, I’m talking a lot about the light that is within us, the light we were all born with, that frequency of love and light that is innately who we are. Over the years, our parents, peers, teachers, and life have hurt us once or twice, and left a few bruises. Not on purpose, or maybe it was; but it doesn’t matter. The point to focus on is that life has made us build up some layers to protect ourselves, layers that have covered up the light so much, we just can’t find our way back to it sometimes. But that, that is our mission: to find the light and bask in it.

How do we do this? By getting out the painful, hurtful stuck; and letting in the new information, the light, the inspiration. And, as you know me already, I believe we can get that light from a million different sources: people we admire, books, websites, nature, animals, songs. Here is one that my family carried around our first year of world travel. It’s a child’s book that is so full of light and joy; so simple, so profound. This book, Everybody Needs A Rock, by Byrd Baylor with pictures by Peter Parnall, is everything a child’s book should be. And how do you know, because every adult has so much to learn here, to learn how to reconnect to that light we can get when we are quiet and thoughtful in nature.

Bonus: You get to to watch a tiny little wind-dominated video in which we read their work, live, in the desert. Very cool- their books, the video, and the fact that nature took over. I love that part! 

Your Spiritual Guides- Ellie

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Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend.  Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.  ~Attributed to Groucho Marx

What would we be, who would we be without books? Without those words to fill in the crevices of our heart exactly where it is we need the void to be filled? Without that next author, who we feel we intimately share our lives with, who guides us, gently, to the next stage of our knowing. My closest friends and greatest teachers are authors of books who, unknowingly, have shaped who I am, how I think, what I believe, and how I behave. And, the most amazing thing, I believe, is how each and every one of us are molded and grow uniquely based on the contours and shades graciously given by the books that have fallen into our laps. In this series, I have asked readers, course participants, and friends to share which books have served as their spiritual guides. Here Ellie shares her favorites.