Helping My Bed Wetter

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Bet wetting is a natural part of learning to control the bowel. We want to be patient and supportive as our children learn mastery over their bodily functions. Unfortunately, for the parent who needs to awaken several times during the night, for the parent who is so tired of changing and washing sheets, and losing a good night’s sleep; the bed wetting stage seems to drag on endlessly. And though we don’t want to, we often end up having a frustrated, overbearingly emotional reaction to our child’s lack of success.

Nothing- What My Youngest Daughter Teaches Me

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my baby solai

My youngest daughter has come to cuddle with us in bed this morning. I lie there with her in my arms and breathe her in. She is, after all, my baby. She is the one that keeps me connected to that baby softness. She still needs my lap, and running into my arms momentarily after a fall (emotional or physical) still fills her up with all her soul needs. As I lie there, I pet her still round face, her still chubby hands, her soft remnants of a baby’s body.

Schools Are Killing Creativity

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being creative and beautiful

I love TED Talks! I do. They are inspiration and absolutely blow me away. I have yet to hear a TED Talk that did not add immense value to my mind or soul. And, the very first TED Talk speaker I have ever heard is Sir Ken Robinson. Here is Ken in his witty, intelligent awesomeness reminding me why I homeschooled for two and half years, why we put our kids in the school we helped found in Northern Israel, and why we are currently world-schooling our kids as we travel  the globe. My favorite parts: the girl drawing God and Shakespeare in someone’s English class.

Picky Picky Picky Eater

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If your child is a picky eater, your job is to teach him to widen his food choices. Special catering and made-to-order requests at meal times encourage your child to stay close-minded and limited in his food choices. Encourage food inquisitiveness while giving it as little attention as possible.

The Ten Basic Do’s and Don’t’s To Guide You Through It:

One Dad’s Clarity

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Last night, I sat down in a coffee shop to get some writing done. A father I know walked by. We’d never said more to than hello to each other. He works at the supermarket; I am a grocery shopper. He’s very quiet. I approached him to inquire about his daughter. He told me about a program her school had organized. We exchanged a few words about the importance of academics. I was stunned that he had shared so much already; he had barely even made eye contact with me. And, then, he tells me this…

“I don’t care if she becomes a rocket scientist or not. I don’t care how good her grades are.

Does He Have ADHD?

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how do i know if my son has adhd











How Do I Know If My Child Has ADHD?

Neither you, your child’s teacher, nor the school counselor can properly diagnose a child with ADHD. Only a certified professional who can give your child the diagnostic tests can tell you for sure. Be that as it may, there are common symptoms that may serve as sure-tell signals to check it out.

Music For The Soul

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Music has this powerful affect on me. It always has. It captures my soul. It hugs me, touches inside of me this chord of truth and depth. It plays my soul like harp strings. It fills my being with connectedness and meaning.

My entire life, I’ve connected to songs; not just to their tune, but to their words. Like anyone in love knows that that love song written just for him; I’ve always found artists whose words vibrated in the exact same frequency of my heart. Songs have impacted me throughout my life. They’ve given my joy words when I could not; given my sadness meaning when I had lost mine; given my confusion melody when I most needed it.

Helped me parent when I had no idea how to…

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

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“Mama said there’d be days like this. there’d be days like this my mama said.”
– Diana Ross

From my private journal:
what a morning, what a last few weeks! i feel like i want them to get away from me, far far away from me. and i know they are adorable, and i know they only need my guidance, and i know they look up at me and don’t understand where their patient, loving, mother is. they look up now and see someone upset, beside herself, disgusted, rejecting, repulsed, and totally unsympathetic. not a nice family picture, i know. but this is what i have right now. no good reason like major stress, money problems, health issues, marital tension.i am feeling very uncomfortable with the weight i’ve gain the last few months. that is not sitting well with me at all. but still, nothing really strong that justifies my intense need to escape them. i’m finding myself these days saying all the things you’re never supposed to tell your kids. i’m belittling, nagging, scolding, threatening, being sarcastic, being ugly on purpose….

Rules to Make Your Family Meeting Work

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In order to make your family meetings effective, there a few imperative rules that you must adhere to.

1- Everyone feels safe.
All members of the family must feel un-threatened and safe to express their feelings. If your family meeting becomes the allowed place to emotionally beat up each other, your family will not want to come. No one is allowed to freak out, lose control, beat up on, or blame each other aggressively. All family members must work together to be sure that everyone feels safe to be at the meeting. If someone is expressing his anger in a way that you feel borders on aggressive, firmly ask the person to keep talking, but to change their tone or their words so as not to attack the other.

What To Do When “I Statements” Don’t Work

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“I Statements” are pure magic. They teach us, reprogram us to speak to our children in a new way. “I Statements” teach us to be logical, clear, and non-aggressive in our requests. But, alas! every magic has its limitations. “I Statements” if used improperly will not bring the results you deserve. Read these three most common parent complaints to be sure you are using them to help, not harm, your family communication.

Parent Complaint #1

“It’s so fake! I sound like a robot! I can’t talk this way!”

Of course it’s fake.  We are used to yelling, screaming, blaming, and losing control. Suddenly, limiting our monologue to four bullet points is very awkward. That is the point. We want to create a new dynamic of speech between you and your children: one that works respectfully and effectively.