Clean Your Soul

My life is leading me, slowly, down the path to a cleaner soul. Cleaner, full of light, full of space, and peace. The following videos reflect a peak into my Clean Your Soul Course, Workshops, and Retreats, which I have had the huge honor of teaching internationally. You can access Clean Your Soul throughout this site,  through one-on-one Skype coaching, in live groups with me personally around the world, and soon, online through the video course.

What Exactly Is Clean Your Soul?

Clean Your Soul is a self-healing process developed and taught by Gabi Klaf. Clean Your Soul is an eclectic, magical mix teaching us to find our own inner light. Through practice, meditation, and lecture; Gabi empowers participants to become aware of their personal pain journey, and guides them exactly how to overcome itl and reach the peace and tranquility within. Clean Your Soul Course and Retreat participants have undergone life-changing transformations within a remarkably short period of time. Below, you will find the testimonials of dozens of Clean Your Soul participants. Enjoy!

My Journey From Pain to Peace

What Is The Soul?

What Others Have to Share

In Israel, a great deal of my work integrated  Family Life and Conscious Parenting as the springboard from which we could grow and develop. Our families serve as as greatest teachers. Through them, we can find our highest light. These movies are in Hebrew.

What Others Have to Share

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