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“Love is the process of leading you gently back to yourself.” Leo Buscaglia

That is exactly what I do. I lead people gently back to themselves. And, I must tell you what an immense honor it is to guide remarkable people through life transformations.  Each time anew, I am awe-inspired. The process of witnessing someone clean off the layers, remove the blockages, and create the life they are meant to have is hard to describe.

It has been my honor to coach …
•    People who have Attempted Suicide create Meaningful, Fruitful Lives Anew
•    Sexually Abused and Traumatized Souls Release Their Pain and Joyfully Live Passed It
•    Physically Ill individuals Maximize their Self-Healing Powers and Create Balance and Health
•    Struggling, Frustrated, Exasperated Parents find their Clear and Respectful Leadership Roles
•    Dissatisfied, Unfaithful Spouses find What They Sought Inside Themselves (and often in their Mates)
•    Financially and Emotionally Overwhelmed Single Parents Find Prosperity and Peace of Mind
•    Competent, Hard-Working People Not Reaching Their Goals Reach Their True Potential
•    Distanced, Exasperated Families Work Through Issues and Build Meaningful Relationships
•    Crumbling Souls Dealing with Disease, Death, or Depression Face Their Realities with Valor


Why Do You Call Yourself a Coach/Therapist? Why Not Just Say “Coach”?

Unfortunately, the term ‘coach’ can also refer to someone who took a weekend crash course in coaching, and now qualifies himself to hold the fate of your life in his hands. I personally have met such ‘qualified’ coaches. And because coaching also has many ‘psychology on a dime’ experts; it is important that you verify exactly what academic and practical credentials any coach has.

I am a Coach/Therapist because I am an Israeli Coaching Academy accredited Family and Life Coach and I am a Therapist with a Masters in Psychology, a Certified Energy Healer, a veteran student of Neo-Humanology (formerly called Neo-Psychology); as well as an experienced NLP and EFT trauma therapist. I proudly use coaching as a tool in my rich and professional academic and treatment practice, and would never want to mislead someone that my sole occupation is ‘coach’. I believe that belittles my twelve years of higher education study; and degrades the pride, investment, and maturity that has come with being a professional family and trauma therapist.


But Can You Really Change My Life?

Truthfully, No, I can’t. Only you can do that. I can and I will…
•    stand beside you and believe in you no matter how painful things get
•    equip you with all the behavioral and spiritual tools you’ll require to change your life
•    clean out all the blockages in your soul, in your life, in your thinking, and your habits
•    give you the motivation and inspiration to do go through a deep cleaning and change
•    help you finally be at peace with your past, your current reality, and yourself
•    hold your hand while you conquer your gremlins and discover your own greatness

I believe that in order for me to really help people change their lives, they have to be sick of being stuck. But so very sick of looking in the mirror and not recognizing themselves, that they are willing to delve deep and fix things, once and for all.

How Does It Work? I Need to See Eyeballs. I Don’t Know If I Like Skype Coaching/Therapy.

I understand. It was strange for me too at first. I must tell you that the one therapist who transformed my life, and knows every intimate crevice of my fears, thoughts, and dreams; I have never seen in my life. Avishay, an Israeli Satya Life Coach, completed changed my life during our months on phone coaching. (It wasn’t even Skype!)

You must connect to the right coach/therapist for you. If that coach/therapist is online, go for it! Even today, as I travel the world; I remain the Coach/Therapist of clients in four different countries. Trust yourself. Once you decide what is right for you, no technological barriers will stop you from getting what you deserve!

You can watch testimonials from past clients here.

What Coaching Options Are Available?

I used to say that there are four coaching/therapy plans that you can pick from. I don’t say that anymore. I have found that people are so vastly different, with such unique needs and life situations. Today, I create custom-built programs flexible to the needs of busy people who want to change their lives. That being said, I only take up to five clients at  a time and will only work with those deeply committed to changing their lives.Together, the client and I determine what the best fit is for their needs.

What is Your Ideology/ What Techniques Do You Use? Conventional? Meditation? Holistic?

Yes, Yes, and, Yes! My academic learning journies from the physical body (Disease Prevention and Health Promotion), to the mind (Masters in Psychology and Family/Life Coaching), to the spirit and the soul (Neo-Humanology, Energy Healing, NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming , Emotional Freedom Technique, Sabotage Correcting Technique). And so, I can’t treat/guide/help you if we don’t use every single resource we have that will benefit your body, mind, and soul.
That translates to looking at you as a whole person of body, mind, and soul; of past, future, and present; of doing and being; of wants and needs; fears and hopes; pain and joy. And, in that beautiful, complicated jigsaw of who you are, I will bring forth every last tool/treatment/skill I have in my arsenal to serve you best. That may be making charts and lists, or completing homework assignments; that may be improving your physical health, or doing deep spiritual meditations and cleaning at a cellular level. However deep you want to go; whatever works for you- we will do.
So, just to clarify (in case you lost me in my joyful, enthusiastic explanation): No two treatments are the same. I will use a wide variety of tools that fit for you, and bring you the best results.

Testimonials are here.

But What Does Coaching/Therapy Look Like? How Often? For How Long Do We Talk?

Now that you know of my flexibility and commitment to create a program that works for you, I’m happy to explain the nitty gritty. Before we speak, you simply fill out the short application below expressing your interest in coaching/therapy. I’ll send you an email inviting you to tell me a bit more about what you are facing in your life and what you hope to accomplish through coaching/therapy.

I personally read and assess each application, and will give you my honest opinion as to if I feel I can truly help you and meet your specific needs. We then schedule an introductory 90 minute session, in which we laser in on the issue, seek the core of the real issue, and explore potential strategies.

After that meeting, you decide if you have received all that your soul needs; or if you want more. We’ll email each other and together, determine if you’d prefer to coach on a need basis or purchase a ‘coaching package’ of six or twelve sessions at a reduced rate.

Some clients ‘meet’ with me once every couple of months, touch on the issues they need, get from me in short bursts the motivation, clarity, and cleaning they need; and move on. Others have remained in intimate contact with me over the years; every year taking another 6 sessions to do more soul work. And, yet others; have been working with me for months, with no end in sight; and budget weekly coaching/therapy as their preventative health plan for life.

Again, the options are endless. You need to pick what is right for you.


So, Now What?

If you are ready to take the next step to change your life, I’m here and waiting. Together, motivated to work, join me to clean out what blocks your from you optimal health and happiness. Join me in finally creating fulfilling relationships with your loved ones, money, the world, and yourself. Join me in creating the life you deserve, and are sick of seeing just beyond your reach.

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished” -Rumi

I’m here.
From my home to yours,

Gabi Klaf

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