Energy Healing 101- What is Energy Healing and How Can I Use It? (Part One)

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Energy Healing opened a world of deep soul-cleaning and trauma-clearing that I had never even imagined was possible. In all of my years of learning this and Humanology, I kept arguing with myself, searching for the scientifically-backed logical explanations for the seemingly impossible quantum ability to reach results and know things that were not feasible. I also spent years trying to figure out who were the paid conspirators in my study classes paid to make the rest of us fools ‘fall for it’.

I never found out who the con-artists were, because, damn it, there were none. I could no longer argue with miraculous story, unexplained healing, and illogical relief case after case after case. And when I reached with clients and friends oddly, outrageously successful results, I stopped arguing with that which was and accepted that my academically-trained, thinking brain could not contain the magic I was honored enough to touch.

I kept my ‘witchery powers’ silent for years out of fear that I’d be labeled ‘weird’ and ‘unprofessional’. No more. And so, I present to you Energy Healing 101- What It Is and How I Can Use It (Part One) so that you can begin to taste it’s magic. Have you own story, experienced unexplainable energy healing magic? Do tell. Anything else you want to know, tell me and I’ll answer.

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Hugs to you dear ones,



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  • Geogina


    Thank you for this video Gabi!!

    For so long I have been trying to intellectualise how I feel. It has been at times a frustrating experience, consuming all this knowledge, knowing at a very deep level all is ok, knowing, just not being able to feel it! I really feel this missing link has been an awareness of energy. It has brought a peace one I don’t understand but a peace non the less!! Which is amazing to finally accept something my mind doesn’t understand!!!

    No longer do I feel the frustration fighting something in my mind that can only be acknowledged and addressed in my soul. I am not sure of words yet, I am still getting stuck on the language but I know that I have defiantly unlocked something in myself on a level I did not acknowledge before

    Thank you for your energy and shining a light on a world I am slowly but now surely uncovering! xxx


    • Gabi


      Dearest Georgina,

      Thank you for finding the tune in your heart that allows you write back. I have already missed my conversations with you and feel soooo excited and appreciative to continue it online. I am so happy the winds brought us together and that, now, slowly you can find the peace and learn the next lessons you are meant to learn.

      This energy and light, like in your new UK project, must be brought into the mainstream world to bring about the deepest results in health and peace of mind that everyone is searching for. It is all ok, and you’ll get there. I’ll be there to be sure.

      Unlock away,
      It’s safe,



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