Everybody Needs A Rock

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These days, I’m talking a lot about the light that is within us, the light we were all born with, that frequency of love and light that is innately who we are. Over the years, our parents, peers, teachers, and life have hurt us once or twice, and left a few bruises. Not on purpose, or maybe it was; but it doesn’t matter. The point to focus on is that life has made us build up some layers to protect ourselves, layers that have covered up the light so much, we just can’t find our way back to it sometimes. But that, that is our mission: to find the light and bask in it.

How do we do this? By getting out the painful, hurtful stuck; and letting in the new information, the light, the inspiration. And, as you know me already, I believe we can get that light from a million different sources: people we admire, books, websites, nature, animals, songs. Here is one that my family carried around our first year of world travel. It’s a child’s book that is so full of light and joy; so simple, so profound. This book, Everybody Needs A Rock, by Byrd Baylor with pictures by Peter Parnall, is everything a child’s book should be. And how do you know, because every adult has so much to learn here, to learn how to reconnect to that light we can get when we are quiet and thoughtful in nature.

Bonus: You get to to watch a tiny little wind-dominated video in which we read their work, live, in the desert. Very cool- their books, the video, and the fact that nature took over. I love that part! 

The year I was born (1974) these two gentle geniuses (Byrd and Peter) created one fantastic, simple, yet profound kid’s book. This is one of those classic books for passing on to our children the preciousness of nature and their personal relationship to it.


When you crack open this soft-cover, it reads:

 Everybody needs a rock.

I’m sorry for kids who don’t have a rock for a friend.


( Ah, talk about clean your soul, connect to your light, be one with what is. Find a rock, not more consumerist garbage that proclaims to make us happy. I looooove it! )

The books shines light and an intense respect for probably the most overlooked gem in nature:rocks. Of the ten rules for picking the perfect rock, allow me to share with you rules 8 and 9. They are just so beautifully written.


Rule number eight discusses picking the perfect shape for your rock. It reads:

 The thing to remember about shapes is this: Any rock looks good with a hundred other rocks around in it on a hill. But, if your rock is going to special, it should look good by itself in the bathtub.


and rule number nines instructs:

 Always sniff a rock. Rocks have their own smells. Some kids can tell by sniffing whether a rock came from the middle of the earth, or from an ocean, or from a mountain where wind and sun touched it every day for a million years. 

You’ll find out that grown-ups can’t tell these things. Too bad for them. They just can’t smell as well as kids can.

Ah, using our senses to fully be, to fully experience that which is before us. So simple, so beautiful.

First time I  to read this book to my children, my eldest, Dahnya, says me, “You know mom that’s sooo true. Kids do it much better than adults.” Yes! That means I”m doing something right as a parent. Totally right.

And the simple, simple two tone pictures just go to show that without bells and whistles, our children (and we) can also be fully captivated.

Do we need to always have something flashing in our face to call it entertainment? Do I really need high-tech whatever to bring me back to my light? What brings you your light? What inspirational book, poem, song, quote, person, moment can you fall back on to help reconnect to that which is full of light for you? How has nature in general, or a rock/pine cone/ seed in specific, brought you more in touch with that which you are? 

Oh, and here’s another book these same authors wrote. It was the original that helped us find Everybody Needs  A Rock, and debateably even better….

 Enjoy this jewel (and let me know if your kids or you go rock hunting because of it)!



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    • Gabi


      seriously, a rare gift to children’s and adult literature. the simple old radio-like form of education. real, simple, powerful, no frills. tell me when you get it at the library or yourself. you will thank me, i promise. the discussions that came from that book were breath-taking laurel.


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