Karuna, Metta, Panna- Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Morning Chants, Monks of Siem Reap, Cambodia

Karuna, Metta, and Panna. Three words I’m using a lot this week. I am teaching here at Garden Village Guesthouse my Clean Your Soul Spirituality class. We talked this week a lot about Karuna– compassion and how we want to look at each person as a mother looks at her child. We spoke of Metta, loving kindness to all beings, and Panna– wisdom or pure consciousness that we can reach once we embark on the 8-Fold Path. It made me think of how the king looked at us. That love, that energy, that karuna, that metta.

So, I’m reading about this remarkable stuff, about how to look at the world with kindness in your heart. About how I want to be within myself, and to my world. And, look how the universe has become a loving mirror, bringing to me these gifts. In How To Love Myself- Part Two, we talked about how we become a magnet to that which we seek most. We talked about how when I center my love to myself, I will attract to me that frequency. And here, now, it is happening in huge and tiny ways. I bow to them all, and am honored to share them with you.


I think we’re figuring it out. We are figuring out, because the Universe is kind to us, how to make enough money to keep traveling forever, and how to support our dreams. Some remarkable people have stepped into our lives and given us the gifts of knowledge, love, support; they have filled in the missing pieces and now, we know. Yes, friends, The Nomadic Family Dot Com is finally making money. Thank God! Take a bow. I bow not for your applause to me, but I bow TO the people who have shown us such Metta- such loving kindness. Our life dreams, Kobi not needing to ever go back to work a JOB he hates, our plans rest with honor on their crown of Metta.

Even here in Siem Reap at the Garden Village Guesthouse, I am able to work. Every week, someone from the Clean Your Soul Class pulls me aside and asks, “Would  you happen to have some time for one-on-one work Gabi?” After looking through all my many appointments and meetings, I smile. “That is exactly why we are both standing here friend. For this exact reason. That is why we were brought together right here, right now”. And so, we are enjoying some side income, and I am loving reconnecting with that which I am meant to.

Sugar Cane Karuna

Yesterday, the kids and I were walking home from our daily dinner-and-reading date in town. (In theory, it’s every day; in reality, we eat every day, but read a lot less) We stopped by a booth with a women making sugar cane juice. It was cool to watch the machine. Kobi had gone to run an errand so we went home alone. I only had a dollar on me. A man was there. Very friendly, talked so sweetly with us. I asked three times how much the drinks cost, indicating that I only had a dollar on me.

Man points to three drinks on the booth and says, “For the children”

“Oh, thank you but I’m not sure I have enough on me;” I hate those moments where I feel poor. I only have a dollar on me. That’s what is.

“No, it is from me. A gift. For the children.”

Oh, it was sooo amazing of him to do that for us. The kids were overjoyed. In was floating in his Metta- loving kindness and Karuna- compassion.

Renewal Metta

This evening, I bumped into a lovely girl from the Clean Your Soul class this week. She said she had a few things she no longer needed and wanted to know if I wanted them.

“Yes! Of course!” and as my young Dutch friend apologizes for the condition of this old this and that, I am in shock. I so wanted some new grubs and she gave us the NICEST stuff.

My new all-time cutest dress in THE WORLD. (Isn’t it darling?)

So, I  run to try on my new stuff. Dahnya takes the journal- so excited. Kobi grabs the shirt. I try on my dress and return to their room for a really excited fashion show. All of the adorable twenty-something year olds in her room are laughing at me in my bubbly joy, in my new drop-dead gorgeous dress and Sound-of-Music PollyAnna joy.

I leave. She comes and finds me here on a mattress on the floor of the Clean Your Soul room working on the computer, with another handful of clothing. “I was thinking why am I carrying this around as dead weight when it could make you so happy!”

Slowing Forming Panna








Oh, and we’re going dancing at the Temple Bar in half an hour.IN MY NEW DRESS!!!!

Do these things make me wise? No, not really. Not at all.

Do they make me happy? Yes.

Does my path toward enlightenment have to be living in a monastery, doing and thinking purely monkly thoughts? No.

I can enjoy my new clothing, enjoy the fact that I’ve lost 25 pounds and am in better shape than I have ever been in my lie, enjoy my body in these new clothing; but not grasp onto them, not hold onto the impermanence of what I have, that tomorrow I won’t have. I can cherish and appreciate the man’s Karuna (compassion) to my kids in buying them the sugar cane drinks. I can cherish and appreciate our Dutch backpacker friend bringing me clothing and then more clothing, her Karuna (loving kindness) to me and that lovely moment of laughter in her room with all the adorable 20-something year old backpackers looking at me dancing around between their bunk-beds.

Panna (pure consciousness). This is what I seek. Panna.

I Bow.

Deeply, slowing, silently.


Oh, and PS: Three people told me this week something that my soul needed to hear. Three different people with different stories, told me that even they never get to be with the one they love again (and one of the stories never will) that “love never dies”.

I’ll take it.


Tell me the Karuna (compassion)  you see in your life. Tell me how you witness Metta (loving-kindness) through the eyes of others, through your eyes. Tell me how cool the sugar cane juice guy was. Tell me you would laugh and dance with me in my little olive-green/grey adorable dress from the Dutch girl.

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