Kittens, Motherhood, and Retarded Angel-Souls Across the Globe- Life on the Road Sighs- The Philippines

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Kitten outside. Small tiny face. Furry. Fuzzy, really. Big eyes. Sweet soul. Dahnya, my eldest, has a new goal in life. She says to me yesterday, “I will make her fat and strong before we leave here, and then she’ll have a good chance to live.” Oh. Found cat in a basket hanging over a booth in the market. No one wanted the kitten.

Watching kids play with cat, cuddle her, run to her cries, fills me with joy. Maybe they’ll learn how confusing the dependency of a child is, that desire to help, to soothe, to provide, that love that loves you right back, but still disturbs your movie/game/lunch/conversations. I’m closest to the front door so I hear even the faint cries most. I smile, “Dahnya, your baby,” and she sighs in a way I can relate to, and runs outside. Sometimes she tells me, “Can you tell her one. second. please?” and I get that too. I know, love, I know, and I love it that you are learning through the kitten.

I also love it that we played Uno today, us and our new special friend Raffy and this German backpacker we met two-doors down. I mentioned their meeting from yesterday on Facebook and wanted to share it with you.



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If we’ve taught our kids nothing else, may this be it. Just this: that people are souls and those souls are contained in all sorts of religions, colors, cultures, and outward mental capacities. And all of them are full of love, we just have to take the time to see it, stand at the right angle to identify it. My spiritual teacher Noga Gazit, with a severely retarded and handicapped first-born daughter, taught us that God brought the angels down to Earth in the form of the mentally disabled. I believe it. Hang out with one of these  God-gifts one day and you’ll know it too. If you can put your ego aside, and just see light and love, you will be blinded by it.

There is Raffy here, who is hanging out with us a lot these days, and there was Victor at Big Momma’s (or was it Old Momma’s or something Momma’s) Restaurant in Melaca, Malaysia. I guess Victor was a higher angel than Raffy is for Victor, at age 29 was not verbal. He’d wave and grunt when he wanted to say something. He had his folder with papers, magazines, and a pen, and would spend hours making lists of inventory or whatever his pretend job was, in neat little rows of scribbles. Socializing was sitting in the restaurant with the patrons smiling at pretty girls and less-pretty boys.

There’s just that need to feel alive, like I needed to feel in Soul Swinging in the Night Rain, and to feel important, to feel needed. I have a role, and so do you, and so did the homeless guy who directed the traffic with wadded up newspapers. He had a job too. And so did Victor, and so does Raffy.

You’re turn. Speak, or just smile, yes, right now, and I’ll get that too. I will. See! I just got it! Thank you! My soul is smiling on your account.

And because none of my shots of the kittens even come close to revealing how adorable they are, I’ve decided to entertain you with these, who do more justice to kittenhood.

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