The Road to Raw Food

Written by Gabi on . Posted in Healthy Weight Loss & Lifestyle


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  • sanne


    Holy cow, you are an inspiration to me!
    I was raw for 2 or 3 months,(about half a year ago) lost about 16 pounds and felt amazing and then I fell back to my normal diet and with it came the weight and feeling sluggish and depressed, I already was trying to become more raw but could not keep it together but you have inspired me yet again and I am gonna give it another go, I can not wait to feel light and bright again 🙂 and you have the same shine now that you saw in that classmate, you are there chicky! well done!


    • Gabi


      do you always give people goosebumps? wow. i am sooo inspired and touched by your message sanne. clearly, it was not an accident that you ‘googled’ and ‘found’ us. wow. 16 pounds. that’ unreal. i do today about 70% raw food and that is great for me. 70% or sometimes less, regular exercise, and i need more water! ok, so you do raw food and let me know how it goes, and i’ll up the water consumption and let you know how it goes. we’ll motivate each other! thank you for seeing the glow in me. that means a great deal to me. hugs to you friend, gabi


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