Saving for a Dream

Gabi and her family of five are currently on an open-ended round the world adventure. Learn exactly what this middle-class family did to save over $100,000 in four years.

In her revolutionary e-book Saving For a Dream, Gabi Klaf shares with you step by step what they did, and what you can do to start SAVING FOR A DREAM today! This short and to-the-point e-book teaches you the ten secrets that allowed this average family to experience world travel, pay off their student loans, and close their home mortgage!

Price: $8.00

How did two ice-cream truck vendors end up family vagabonders (world travelers)?

How did two college kids end up saving enough to pay for a round-the-world adventure?

Are they rich? No. Did they win the lottery or an inheritance? Nope.

Are they head-over-heels in debt? No, they are debt-free actually. They don’t own a cent to anyone.

From the Saving For a Dream book, you will learn:

  • how to start saving TODAY for your dreams, even if you are in debt

  • how to stop the constant out-flow of money from your bank account

  • how to change how your kids and you spend your money

  • how to gain greater joy from the money you have

  • how to make your money last much, much longer

  • how to watch your dreams slowly become a financial reality

Saving for a Family Dream teaches you, step by step, what the Klaf family did that allowed them to travel the year on an open-ended family adventure.

Are you dying to go back to school, live in a foreign country for a year, pay off you mortgagee, or travel the world with your family?

Do you wish you only had the money to make your dreams come true?

You will be very surprised how easy and how accessible your most wildest fantasies are, once you discover the power you have over your own family’s financial situation. The Klafs have done it, and are now sharing it with others. You may also like to see their dreams come true. Gabi has created a very-simple easy-to-follow formula for you to copy in this easy-to-read e-book.

This short but sweet ebook outlines, in simple yet direct terms, the ten most significant things the klaf family did in four years to pay off their student loans, close their house mortgage and save for a round the world family adventure.

are these tips ground-breaking? no. Did the Klafs invent some unheard-of secrets to saving money? No. But, what they present here in this 34 page e-book is a succinct yet powerful reminder of what we can do, starting now, to save some serious money and actualize those dreams most dear to our hearts.

BONUS: As a thank you for your kind donation, and to further accentuate what you are about to learn, Gabi has included an audio recording from the Family Financial Responsibility & Integrity Ecourse and the lessons’s worksheets. This short lesson is one of the foundational secrets you must know to reach even a fraction of the results you desire. Without this bonus, you will be unable to do the preliminary work necessary so that you can really save for the dream.

This book is available for immediate purchase online.

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Even if it’s now 2am you can download this book and get immediate access to all the tools, secrets and information that will help you cut on your expenses and start saving for your family dreams.

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$8 is a very small investment for such huge savings.

And with your $8, you will get the ten secrets that allowed the Klaf family make their round-the-world dream come true.

You will learn:

  • how to save starting now for that big dream

  • exactly what books you can read to inspire and guide you further on your route

  • how to cut your utility bills dramatically, starting today

  • how to change your kids constant demands for more stuff into cooperation for saving for your dream

Price: $8.00

Your $8 is a direct contribution to the Klaf family, that will further enable them to continue their open-ended nomadic lifestyle.