Breathe: Forth-Three Essences for Enlightened Being

Do you run from thing to thing, often neglecting yourself?

Life today can be so hectic. In addition to all the busy things we have to do on the outside; on the inside, there is an entire world of thoughts, worries, fears, and uncertainties. I know that I often feel overwhelmed from what is. My mind won’t stop racing, my concerns and fears won’t stop chattering, and because of that, I often feel like I’m missing out on life.

I’m so caught up in all the busy-ness of my life; and when I’m not, I’m caught up with the whirlwind twisting and turning in my mind. And that’s why I created Breathe. Because I was sick of missing out on my life. I was sick of always being too occupied with what I had ‘to do’ and what I was worried about. I was sick of missing out on all the magic going on in my home, going on with my kids, going on right before me, right here and now, because I was always somewhere else. I created Breathe to first and foremost help myself. To remind myself where I wanted to be. To reprogram myself to actually be in the present and recognize all the amazing blessings in my life.

Price: $8.00

Do you wish you had more time and energy to relax?

As I started to teach more and more classes of Enlightened Parenting and Clean Your Soul I met more and more souls like me. Parents, grandparents, teachers, and adults who were still seeking inner calm, who were still carrying around a very wounded child seeking acceptance and love. The more I taught, the more I met kindred spirits who desperately wanted to breathe, fully, deeply, calmly.

And so, the purpose of Breathe ultimately is to invite you to join me, in cleaning our souls. To invite you to walk with more meaning, awareness, and appreciation. To invite you to tread with forgiveness, love, and acceptance of all that you are. I believe that the darkness between the stars enables us to witness their luminous glow. I believe the silence between the notes is what makes the music so powerful. Likewise, I believe your traumas, pains, hang-ups, imperfections, and grudges can help make you the most beautiful person you are meant to be. If we can learn how to reframe and clean our associations with pain, we can use them as resources to reach our fullest, greatest selves.

I believe that this is a very personal, private journey. It is different for you, than it will be for me. But, there are remarkable semblances in our paths. I have taken the common threads that runs between us, and put them in an easy to access, easy to use book of forty-three essences. It is through these forty-three essences that I have found greater peace, greater joy, and the greater ability to breathe. I know that when I read these affirmations and breathe in their beauty, it changes my life. It does. It reteaches me, reprograms me to focus on the breathless awe of what is in my life.

Do you feel like you’ve forgotten how to breathe?

In Breathe, I have intentionally invited you into my home, my living room, my children’s bedroom, my backyard. I want you to know that I, like you, am just an everyday normal soul on her everyday normal journey towards inner peace. Each of the forty-three essences is introduced with a picture of my family, my children, my life. I welcome you with open arms to read, and look, and smile, and breathe.

The Breathe book of 98 pages covers the following concepts with a powerful, cleaning, healing, calming affirmation:

  • Appreciation
  • Inspiration
  • Loving Myself
  • My Body
  • Obstacles
  • Fear
  • My Energy
  • Acceptance
  • Physical Health
  • Curiosity

Price: $8.00

The Key Principles for Awareness, Meaningful Parenting,
and Reaching that Next Higher Level of Inner Joy

Each affirmation invites you to do some soul work, alone, with your child, or with your own inner child. Each affirmation can be read alone, or used as a springboard for daily/weekly/monthly activities and discussions. You decide how you can best utilize Breathe in your life today. You decide how to make this inspirational material most meaningful for you.
How do I know this will help?

I know it will help because you are finally investing in something just for you, just for your soul, just for your inner child. Every little thing you do in your life that helps you further love, invest, and clean your soul will always help. Even when you can’t measure the outcome, I know, without a doubt, that as you read and reread the affirmations of Breathe and take in the sepia pictures, I know you will breathe more deeply, fully, and with appreciation of what you are and what you have in your life right now.

How do I use Breathe?

Breathe is made for even the busiest teacher, the hectically- moving parent, the reflective grandparent, and very still you with your inner child. You simply open the book to any page and read. Read it slowly, think about it for a minute or so, and go on your day. Even just reading the text once a day for five minutes on a regular basis, will make a huge difference in your conscious and sub-conscious. As soon as you open yourself to soul-cleaning, soul-calming, nurturing material; it magically seeps into who you are and transforms you, subtly but powerfully.

I don’t even have kids, how does this apply to me?

Breathe  is for anyone with an inner child who wants to breathe. For adults (of all ages) who want to clean their soul, love their selves, and enjoy their lives. It so happens that I have worked with a huge number of parents who, because they are wounded, pass their pain onto their children. You don’t have to be a parent to want to love yourself and those around you more fully.

How much will this cost?

I always dreamed of bringing cleansing and peace and joy to every household of the world. I always dreamed of empowering parents and families to live in peace and enjoyment together. Breathe is one of my visionary ways of doing that. Breathe only costs $8. That’s it. $8 for a book that can bring you and your family endless years of inner joy and deeper, fully breathes.

What if Breathe doesn’t help me?

I believe in Breathe and I’ve seen what it can do. If, for any reason, you feel that Breathe does not help you be at greater peace and inner calm; if,

For any reason, you feel that Breathe has not helped you better appreciate and celebrate your life; I am thrilled to give you back 100% of your $8  investment. 100% money back, and you can keep the e-book for free. That’s how confidently I believe in Breathe and how much I want to you try it for yourself, and see what it can do for your life, too.

Price: $8.00