The Shortest Road

What You Must Consider Before Embarking On a Family Adventure

When we started this little adventure, we were absolutely clueless as to what we were getting ourselves into. World travel. Now, not one day. You only live once. When the hell are we going to do this, if not now? Come on. Carpe Diem. It all sounded really romantic and exciting, and kept us up at nights because we were simultaneously ecstatic and terrified.

Actually, when it was several years away; I was 90% ecstatic 10% worried. The dream was a great conversation piece and a lovely “one day” sort of thing I’d sigh about as I folded the laundry in my backyard. But, as it got closer and closer, the numbers flipped and ecstatic went to 10%, while genuinely freaking out shot up to 90%. I would tell my husband during our late-night conversations, “I know I said I wanted to do this. I know, I know we already delayed this twice. Yes, I know we agreed but….” and then I would shooting off the very-logical reasons why this crazy idea was not going to work.

Price: $8.00

And now that I’m nearing year one of our round the world open-ended nomadic family adventure; I have trouble remembering what all the fuss was about. Of course, I’m here; and, of course, I’m loving it. Of course, I wouldn’t change this life-style choice for anything in the world. We went out to explore the world and discovered ourselves. This world travel adventure with my three young children and my loving husband has been the best therapy/family bonding/soul-cleaning I could have ever prayed for. And still, I do recall my hesitation, all the reasons this trip almost didn’t happen, and all the things I so wish someone had told me as we were feeling our way into leaving the ‘normal’ lifestyle for the nomadic one.

That’s why we wrote this lovely little e-book. We wanted to share with others our journey from adopting this theoretical idea as ‘cute’ and ‘sounds cool’ to actually making it happen. We sought literature that would guide us through those first shaky steps of dealing with our fears, telling the world, and making sure this idea bore fruit; and found none. This 74 page e-book attempts to answer exactly those three pivotal issues in the clearest way we know how to share it.

The e-book is divided into three sections and 10 chapters. The sections are:

  • How to insure your dream becomes a reality
  • How to share your insanity with minimum damage
  • How to overcome the fears stopping you from pursuing your dream
Price: $8.00

Why is this important for potential family world travelers?

Because you need to know these three pivot things to be sure you begin creating the right path towards succeeding in your dreams. Big dreams fall hard. And ours almost didn’t pull through. The money had to go to other things; I was terrified of going; we mostly found UNsupportive critics around us that started to influence our decisions. The Shortest Road teaches you in a clear, concise, and yet personable way what you need to know to be sure you don’t give up your big dream.

Do you teach me what to pack, how to take care of the logistics, and about immunizations and such?

NO. All of that is covered in another e-book we are getting ready to print in the coming weeks. This one is far more important than the nuts and bolts. That comes later, when you’ve successfully done all that The Shortest Road deals with. Though it may be comforting to run off and start checking things off your to do list; if you don’t build this dream right, it will crumble from the foundations. That’s why we wrote The Shortest Road. To give you in the crispest way possible the things you must do BEFORE the nuts and bolts so that you know you will able to live your dream of family world travel.

I’ve read so much online already, why do I need to purchase information when I can find it online for free?

That’s what we did before we left. We spent endless hours on really fantastic websites and blogs scratching together bits and pieces of what we needed to know. And while it was great fun (and relieving) to read about the adventures of others; the internet’s short and often shallow articles did not give us enough of what we needed. What we found online scratched the surface and touched upon our fears, our inability to quite make it to our goals, and our wobbling attempts to share our dream with others. But it couldn’t give us the depth and detail we needed. A book can.

Again, that’s why we made this ebook. To answer the three biggest unclarities we had when taking our first steps toward our dream of world travel: how to be sure it really did come true, how to tell others without all the ugliness and confusion that often followed, and how to deal with the overwhelming fears choking me at nights and keeping me from sleeping at nights.

Your story is really interesting but my family situation is so unique, so different than yours. How can you know what will work for me?

We don’t. Clearly, we respect and accept that everyone’s situation is unique to their own, as it should be.But, we wrote this book to deal with the common threads that we all share. We all have obstacles that stand in our way when pushing towards making our dreams come true; we all have people around us who will be challenged (and will challenge us) by our thinking differently and wanting to live ‘outside the box’ of what everyone around thinks is true; we all have fears that keep us up at night, fears about travel and what will be in the great unknown out there. That’s what this book addresses. The common things we ‘creative independent thinker’ types need to deal with as we pave our own way towards our own truth.

$8 seems a lot for an e-book, and one that is only 74 pages long?

It’s great that you look carefully on what you are spending your money on. You should. We do. There are three issues here:

In terms of the e-book, we chose this format because a- we think trees look nicer in parks b- if we spent our time and energy trying to figure out how to publish our things we’d never have time to actually travel and enjoy this lifestyle we’ve chosen nd c- as you prepare for world travel, the last thing you need is more stuff.

The book is only 74 pages long because we know you have other things to do besides just sit all day and read and read and read. It’s important to us that we inspire people, that we share our personal story so that others can relate to us, that we give the information that you seek and not fill you with unneeded data. If you have all the logistics under control or know how to fund this trip, you won’t buy our e-books Nuts and Bolts or Saving For A Dream. You’ll buy just what you need.

And lastly, your $8 donation is just that. You also dream of world travel, like our family dreamed. And because you love what we’re doing, you can sleep well at night knowing that your $12 donation directly supports our family of five’s ability to keep traveling the world. So, thank you for helping us make our world travel dreams come true. We really appreciate you purchasing our products, thereby allowing us to keep living the nomadic family lifestyle we’ve always dreams of.

What if I buy the book and am not satisfied with The Shortest Road? Can I get my money back?

Absolutely. We don’t want to just sell you something. We want to sell you something that will help you/ meet your needs/ answer your concerns/ give you inspiration and direction on your path. If you do not feel that our The Shortest Road e-book has provided you with high-quality inspiration, direction, comfort, or information; please let us know and we will gladly give you a 100% refund of your money. You can keep the e-book and get all of your money back.

We believe in what we are doing. We know that the nomadic lifestyle is right for us right now. We honestly want to help others who are seriously considering world travel with their families to get there as well. If, for any reason, you do not feel your purchase was a valuable one, please let us know and we will refund you.

The Shortest Road will teach you:

  • what can you do to insure that dream will become a reality
  • how to design the world adventure that is most suited for your family
  • how to tell your children about your idea
  • what not to say when you tell people about your plan and what reactions to expect
Price: $8.00