When Your Child Pushes On Every Button- Be That Strong, Wise, Clear Leader [Video]

Written by Gabi on . Posted in Overcoming Ourselves, Parenting and Family Relations

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Gabi is a certified trauma therapist, family communications expert, energy healer, and life coach with a Masters in Psychology. She shares her personal life stories and insights to inspire others to share their honest, neurotic selves and do all that is necessary to Clean Your Soul. She believes that all of us are on our journey from pain to the light, and by staying inspired and aware, we can all reach our fullest, cleanest, most beautiful free selves. Don’t miss a single chance to be inspired.Gabi takes a very limited number of one-on-one clients for transformational parenting, family, life, and trauma therapy. You may reach Gabi directly at gabiklaf@gmail.com.

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  • Mary


    Oh Gabi, I was withyou for a bit, I know very well how frustrating it can be this whole parenting thing. But the taking away priviledges thing I don’t get. We ow our kids so much more than the 4 things you listed. Love being the biggest one!! I know you love your kids but we definitely do the discipline thing differently.

    I love your talk about how you stay respectful to the kids:) I hope it helps but I find hard discipline often times in the long run hurts the relationship. It will be so interesting to see how things turn out for all the parents and all the different philosophies:)

    Try just taling to her all the time, hearing their lack of appreciation because it is a product of our making. They cannot appreciet fully when we have gone out of our way to be sure they do not suffer in regards to food and clothes etc (even school for us) I would sit down when she is calm and tackle it together, see what is pushing her buttons:) Good luck!


    • Gabi


      I love this discussion. Yes, love is there, of course, of course. We do parent differently and still in that difference there are wonderful things we can agree on- talking when we are calm, modeling appreciation. We do give our kids chores, we do have them do studies, and when they show us disrespectful attitude, we do discipline. I know today many parents are scared to admit that they discipline their children, take away privileges, limit their children’s freedom because parents want to give their kids the freedom to figure out who they are and discover themselves. And while I support giving children that space, I have led hundreds of parents, actually thousands, through their most frustrating parenting struggles, and yes, we’re going to differ on this one, but a child is not an adult, a child will not speak to their parent like a peer if it is disrespectful, a child should not be allowed to trample all over his parents for, i believe, that an inspirational parenting leader will keep his child safe enough to create boundaries and hold their child responsible to respect those boundaries. It’s not always pretty, but I deeply believe, through respectful kind leadership, that this will help my child blossom the best. Funny thing is that when we are clear and enforce the respect we insist upon, our kids shape up and show us so much more love and appreciation afterwards. I believe that my job is to raise an independent, responsible child who can take care of himself and contribute positively to society, and who can invest in long-term, loving, positive relationships. Now, your turn, dear, and of course, anyone else you wants to chime in. This one should be interesting. 🙂


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