The Single Most Powerful Decision to Change Your Life

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My heart is beating. I’m excited to find the soul space to write to you, again. So happy and excited and yet my heart beats from another space. A space that is rising to the challenge of observing my own beatingnessness. (Yes, I made that up!) I’ve been listening to a lot of Eckhart Tolle lately, mostly A New Earth, and in it he speaks of our ego’s need to reactivate the pain body, over and over and over again. And he talks about seeing it being activated and how, if we can create a quiet space from which to observe it, we create what he calls Presence. And so, I am in Presence as I see this, this extraordinary ability to hold on for just this second, and just this one, and just this one, ever now.

I am in Presence as I observe, “Oh look, Gabi dear, you are judging,” or “Oh note, darling Gabi, you are not in the present,” or best of all perhaps is, “Knock, knock, oh lovely one, you are feeding a pain body and you feel your heart beating like mad, and you feel that tightening in your chest, and you feel your chest and throat and sinew exploding inside, and now, darling, now, precisely now you stand before a blessed opportunity to learn and grow and observe the powerful work of an ego and a pain body trying to make you a victim, and you, dear one that you are, child of God, and full of light, you, dear one, you, and only you, can decide to observe or fall. Decide love.”

And I have. The  Single Most Powerful Decision to Change Your Life

Six Ways To Regain Sanity When You and Your Family Are Falling Apart

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It started out as an innocent enough walk through town. Objective: To obtain food. And what happened was I followed my family through those sweltering alley ways and booths holding everyone’s stuff until I felt like a trash can/closet/servant, and walking next to kids who rambled on incessantly without even a second for me to hold a thought of my own, and constant complaints and “but I wanted to walk next to Mommy” and me feeling that my opinion and desire to find a place with a salad were totally insignificant. It was a very personal inferno of hell, a traumatic stuckness that begged for some wild insane outburst to relieve me from myself. But no. I just walked on, one foot in front of the other, ‘anicca’ing the entire way.

‘Anicca’ing is my superimposed Buddhist verb-i-zation of nouns and adjectives to make things make sense for me. ‘Anicca,’ now coincidentally tattooed on my husband’s right shoulder, is the Pali word for ‘impermanence.’ It means that all passes, changes, flows, comes and goes, and for me, it helps me learn (slowly) that there’s no reason to get all hung up on this or that really painful or really tempting issue for it will all change anyhow. So, when things get tough, I fall down, I get depressed and desperate, I lose myself in temptation, I annica it, and, somehow, it passes, and life carries on. The frequency, duration, and intensity of my fall-outs have significantly lessened. Significantly, and how this happens, I’d like to share with you: Six Ways To Regain Sanity When You and Your Family Are Falling Apart

How Do I Stay Happy? Soul Swinging In The Night Rain

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It tickled and danced around us. Not like the day rain. She was hell. She was too strong, too stingy, and overbearing. She was confused, stuck, searching and not finding. And I saw all these other people watching the day rain too. The doorway guy, the booth one, and that old man on the stool. Did they see what I did? Were they also hoping the rain would wash away something it did not? Or maybe it’s just a reflection of who I was with my face mashed against that faded wooden frame, pushing forward to feel her spray. Why am I always seeking that, that just-out-of-reach thing, that which will make me deeply happy and calm?

What am I lacking right here and now? I’m traveling the world, have no health, money, or relationship problems (besides the one I create in my mind for my own dramatic enjoyment). I do what I want, when I want. I’ve three unbelievable kids and the greatest gift in this Universe husband, and still, I gaze at the rain and feel a desperate emptiness gnawing in a silent whisper of desire.

Dukkha- How To End Suffering (Part Two) Buddhism Video Lecture

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A Little Gift to You- The Four Noble Truths

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I love sharing. Unless, it’s one of the first bites of my food, chocolate, men, a long-awaited ice cream (food, I know, but it deserves its own category), my lap, books (that you return smeared and water-logged), money, or my laptop.

Ok, so I take that back. I’m self-centered, and don’t really love sharing all that much. Not ‘love’, not ‘like’, but ‘can’. Yes, “I can share, when I want to, and it has no ill consequences on me, and does not take away from my own satisfaction of the agreed upon shared item.”

But, knowledge I like sharing, and a lot. Spiritual knowledge, ways to improve our lives, light unto our souls, inspirational empowerment, new self-help insightful life-changing ideas; I LOVE SHARING. And so, I’ve a little gift for you. It’s actually four pictures that I think sums up some really good information. It’s four pictures that I’m made, for you, and I hope can remind you of four truths that can be at the core of changing everything.

The more we surround ourselves with inspirational information and light, the more it seeps into our souls, and becomes who we are. And so, The Four Noble Truths, in pictures…. Enjoy!

Proven 10-Step Program to End Suffering- by Buddha Himself

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Buddha resisted all temptations, including the sensuous  Three Daughters of Mara. I can’t even resist a Snickers Bar. He was enlightened, loving to all, ego-free, and spent tons of time under a Bodhi tree. I can’t claim any of those. So, I may not ever be an arahant (enlightened one) and if I were meant to be one, I trust I’d be well on the way. So, I’m cool with Buddha being Buddha and doing, saying, knowing, and acting in his marvelously kind and wise Buddha ways. And, with Gabi being Gabi and doing, saying, knowing and acting in her marvelously irrational, overly-emotional, spiritually-reaching, doing-the-best-her-beautiful-self-can-do Gabi ways. I’m cool with that.

Measuring ourselves against others, mara, is fetter number eight. Fetters are the ‘issues’ that we get stuck on, that make us suffer. Bless-his-dear-soul Buddha decided to make life easy for us, again, and create a simple-to-understand way to stop suffering. You see, Buddha relinquished all suffering from his  life; hence, he could be ridiculously fat and happy. (I’m guessing tons and tons of guilt-free snickers bars!) And, as a gift to us simple earthlings, he gave the Ten Fetters of the Mind- it’s Buddha’s proven 10-step program to end suffering. Allow me….

Deep Calmness in 5 Minutes

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I would like to have calmness securely within me. I’d  love to be calm- truly, deeply, fully calm in the quietest depths of my soul. Maybe you also would love to be able to sit and look at that leaf  swaying against the evening sky, and just be thinking about that leaf swaying against the evening sky, and nothing more. Maybe you also would love to lie in bed, peacefully, and just notice your body gently drift off to sweet slumber; and not have your thoughts, fears, and worries bombard you.

And so, as I draw deeper into Buddhism in my own search, and learn of more and more fascinating alleys in this labyrinth of my own spiritual sojourn; I will continue to bring you what I’m discovering. This week we’ve looked at the Ten Fetters of the Mind, and got magically stuck on Fetter 6: Rupa-Raga. From Rupa-Raga, we have learned how, in five minutes, to create a deep, deep calm. I’d like to teach you how.

15 Ways to Stop Re-Creating Pain

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We do it. We all do. At least, all the people I know do. We create pain in our lives, we recycle painful memories, we keep re-creating the thoughts and push on the pain buttons of our soul that hurt. And why? To relieve pain? To reach solutions? To work through the problems? No. Maybe we think that that is what we are doing, but we’re not. We’re just making the sores ooze, and take some sick pleasurable comfort in feeling our own pain. Like my dear friend Karen says, “It’s like watching a train wreck, in slow motion, over and over again; and not being able to stop watching that.”

So, using the inspiration of Vietnamese Zen Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, I bring you 15 Ways To Stop Re-Creating Pain. It has  helped me a great deal.

Ending That Suffering- Four Decisions To Pull You Back Up

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This is the continuation of Conscious Suffering- How I Drag Myself Back Down. That was the pain stage and the Buddhist teachings stage; this is the solution stage. In Part One, I realize I’m doing it to myself.  I’m constantly recreating the rhythm that leads me to my own depression. I keep going there, allowing myself again and again to walk down the path that takes me exactly where I don’t want to be.  So, read Part One first so you’ll know what’s up; and now, Part Two: Ending That Suffering- Four Decisions To Pull You Back Up lovingly  awaits you.