How To Live With Your Addiction- Woo Away, I’m Not Falling For It

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It just hit me so hard I can’t breath. Can’t. Breathe. I’m drowning. Rolling down, down, down into it, groping for air, for some root to hold onto to keep me in the sunshine, but the sun is gone and the roots have all rotted. I was just now sitting there smiling at my life, looking at my loving husband with admiration and gratitude, cherishing the gentle touch of my child’s sweet words, and then BAM! It’s back. I thought we were over this? You know exactly what I’m talking about. Your version may be different, may be more colorful, messier, and still impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t been through it, but you know. You feel his finger grazing your thigh, you smell that which reminds you how that drug/alcohol/person used to make you feel, you hear that song and it brings you back to a you who was so much more alive and beautiful, not the you in the mirror today. And all around you, all the blessings and logic and love in your life, vanish, vacuumed up into an abyss of never-again’s and what-if’s that you know simply no longer have a place in your life.

And yet it won’t go away. It won’t.

Would you almost lose it all again for this addiction? Do you remember how insane you got last time? 

No, I would not. Yes, I do. I do. I do.

Learning of Rape Through The Massage Table- Overcoming What We Don’t Know

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gabi klaf, health and wellness coach, healthy lifestyle coach, family therapsy, mom blog, healthy weight loss for busy moms and dads, inspiration, energy healing

I was raped. I’m sure of it, but not when. This life? Maybe, more likely not, but, some life, sometime, I was. I am sure of it. There are too many indicators that left me appalled by my own skin, inflicting abuse by picking scabs until I bled and couldn’t wear shorts my entire life, emotional eating episodes, unexplained repulsion and hiding my body under layers of cloth. Reasons, some I can personally recognize- he said this, she looked at me like that, and many more, I know my soul can spin many tales about. But regardless if yes or not, and when, it no longer bares the weight I carried with it all those years. It’s gone, gone, gone. [Deep breath of relief.]

This I only recently remembered, and looking at it, fascinates me like some eerily familiar case study of someone clearly separate from myself. I studied Humanology (formerly Neo-Psychology) for two years. The best way I can explain this eclectic science is a holistic type of meta-physical Buddhist-tinged self-healing regression therapy. It’s truly amazing, and has brought me and countless clients remarkable results.

So, I was sitting in a new classes, new semester, new students. In comes Irit, a bouncy adorably large woman with amazing energy. She’s married to Yossi, who volunteered at our kids’ school. Fast forward two months later…. She asks me how I’m doing with the body thing one day. “What body thing?” I’m clueless, and had totally forgotten how I initially knew her years before she was the volunteer-guy’s wife. A friend suggested Irit when I told her I wanted to spoil Kobi and I for a good massage. Having never gotten one, I was nervous and called to verify some details, all of which I had totally forgotten about until she spilled it out there in the tones usually reserved for light how’s-the-weather chit chat. “You acted like a rape victim. I was sure you had experienced some severe physical abuse.” she chirped. WTF?? I was floored and stared at her numb, having zero recall of this entire issue.

Energy Healing 101- What is Energy Healing and How Can I Use It? (Part One)

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Energy Healing opened a world of deep soul-cleaning and trauma-clearing that I had never even imagined was possible. In all of my years of learning this and Humanology, I kept arguing with myself, searching for the scientifically-backed logical explanations for the seemingly impossible quantum ability to reach results and know things that were not feasible. I also spent years trying to figure out who were the paid conspirators in my study classes paid to make the rest of us fools ‘fall for it’.

I never found out who the con-artists were, because, damn it, there were none. I could no longer argue with miraculous story, unexplained healing, and illogical relief case after case after case. And when I reached with clients and friends oddly, outrageously successful results, I stopped arguing with that which was and accepted that my academically-trained, thinking brain could not contain the magic I was honored enough to touch.

I kept my ‘witchery powers’ silent for years out of fear that I’d be labeled ‘weird’ and ‘unprofessional’. No more. And so, I present to you Energy Healing 101- What It Is and How I Can Use It (Part One) so that you can begin to taste it’s magic. Have you own story, experienced unexplainable energy healing magic? Do tell. Anything else you want to know, tell me and I’ll answer.

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Dukkha- How To End Suffering (Part Two) Buddhism Video Lecture

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More Color In the Sky- The New World Sunrise Dec 21-Koh Rong Island, Cambodia

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I Hope You Find Light and Inspiration- End of the World Video Greetings (Koh Rong Island, Cambodia)

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The Little Toe- New Knowings About Who I Am

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I say ‘knowings’ and not ‘facts’ cuz I am absolutely clueless about any single fact in my life. Whereas, I once knew I knew a lot of facts, and I knew them as true; today, I don’t know that anymore. I am proud of my seven years of university education, the twelve years of spirituality and self-healing/trauma therapy, and endless hours of personal study. I am proud to say [deep voice, chest out], “I have a Master’s in Psychology,” but that is my ego talking, not what I learned.

Today, I am honored/humbled by the blessed path  I have led. I am honored/humbled by the supportive man who always encouraged me to ‘take that next course to do your soul good.’ I bow to him, and to all that I have learned, in deepest gratitude. I am grateful for an undying curiosity to know, and the thirst for more answers. It has all led me to today. But, does that make me ‘know’? I think not.

I am learning and growing and developing every day. That which I was, that which I knew ten years ago, ten weeks ago, ten days ago; is not that who I am, and what I know, today. I am constantly  breaking down walls of knowledge, to build new ones.  So, what I ‘knew’ and taught and believed in two months has morphed; as I have grown, and my soul has grown deeper, and more able to accept the newer, higher-frequency information I am receiving.

And thus, here are my ‘knowings’ for it’s what I know as of today. And as I continue to learn, and as you continue to learn; our discussion will grow deeper, more spiral, and more colorful. Who Am I?

The 15 Things You Must Know About The End of the World

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I don’t want the world to end. Before meeting this stranger, it scared the shit out of me. I was imagining Armageddon scenarios where I’m screaming, holding on to my child’s fingertips as she slips off into a lava-filled earth crack.   I’m not scared anymore, I’m deeply excited, and intent on being fully aware for the coming changes. This ground-breaking shift came about with the appearance of a fair-skinned Turkish man in loose-fitting traveler’s attire.

Yesterday, the nappy brown-haired, scruffy man knocks on my door in Siem Reap, Cambodia and invites me to share spiritual knowings. “We’d be honored to speak to like-minded souls like us”. Should Jesus himself had knocked on my door, I could not have felt more been more blessed. In these very days, this mismatched galactic couple from Turkey and Japan, are nourishing my soul with all it ever needed for the coming changes. Like energetic plaster of paris, this couple, these passed two days have filled in the spaces, snugly put together the missing pieces of a spiritual jigsaw puzzle I’ve been assembling for the passed six years.

Deep Calmness in 5 Minutes

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I would like to have calmness securely within me. I’d  love to be calm- truly, deeply, fully calm in the quietest depths of my soul. Maybe you also would love to be able to sit and look at that leaf  swaying against the evening sky, and just be thinking about that leaf swaying against the evening sky, and nothing more. Maybe you also would love to lie in bed, peacefully, and just notice your body gently drift off to sweet slumber; and not have your thoughts, fears, and worries bombard you.

And so, as I draw deeper into Buddhism in my own search, and learn of more and more fascinating alleys in this labyrinth of my own spiritual sojourn; I will continue to bring you what I’m discovering. This week we’ve looked at the Ten Fetters of the Mind, and got magically stuck on Fetter 6: Rupa-Raga. From Rupa-Raga, we have learned how, in five minutes, to create a deep, deep calm. I’d like to teach you how.

15 Ways to Stop Re-Creating Pain

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We do it. We all do. At least, all the people I know do. We create pain in our lives, we recycle painful memories, we keep re-creating the thoughts and push on the pain buttons of our soul that hurt. And why? To relieve pain? To reach solutions? To work through the problems? No. Maybe we think that that is what we are doing, but we’re not. We’re just making the sores ooze, and take some sick pleasurable comfort in feeling our own pain. Like my dear friend Karen says, “It’s like watching a train wreck, in slow motion, over and over again; and not being able to stop watching that.”

So, using the inspiration of Vietnamese Zen Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, I bring you 15 Ways To Stop Re-Creating Pain. It has  helped me a great deal.