Introducing Healthy Weight Loss- Finally Ready To Share How I Lost (and Keep Off) 28 Pounds

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Little known fact: My entire life I never wore shorts or skirts cuz my legs were perpetually covered with scabs and sores from me scratching my legs. Emotional stress, we’ll say. And then, I felt too fat. I didn’t wear a bathing suit for years, and now, 28 pounds later, I love my legs to death. This is a new love affair for me so I photograph it here and there.

I’m starting to share my Healthy Weight Loss ideas and tips, struggles and inspirations, because I want that interaction, discussion, and community in my life. I’m not selling anything or promising anything. I’m not. I actually don’t promise anything to anyone, not even to myself. I say in all of my rawest honesty, “I will give it my very best” or “This is important to me so I’ve decided to commit my efforts and determination on this,” but no promises, cuz that would be, well, a lie.

I don’t know if my marriage will last until death do us part. I adore the guy, and except when he’s a major jerk or I’m an impossible bitch, or we’re both both of those things simultaneously, married life is rather lovely. I don’t know if I will always be there for my kids. Well, in all honestly, I know I won’t be, for three reasons:

healthy weight loss, transformational coaching, energy healing, family life coach, holistic health, clean your soul, stop the pain, mom blog

Why I Won’t Be There For My Children

1- I’m not always there for myself. Sometimes I let myself down. I promise to eat healthily and I’ll inhale an entire pack of Oreos without barely giving my respiratory system the ability to release CO2. I hope to stand behind all who need me, but I get lost sometimes, so I can’t promise.

2- I’m going to die and therefore, physically, I won’t be around, will I? I’ve said this a lot but I don’t know that that is a bad thing if I die. No, I have no wish to, I have tons of great thing I want to still do and so much cuddling and kissing I want to have with my  kids. But, when I die, that void will create something wonderful, some great sphere of learning and growth will take place after, or in the middle of, that great sorrow. This I try to convey (with great delicacy)  to my clients who are facing death of a loved one, of a dream, of a life goal, of a part of themselves. We have growing to do here, so often, exponentially in the absence of that which kept us feeling safe.

healthy weight loss, transformational coaching, energy healing, family life coach, holistic health, clean your soul, stop the pain, mom blog

3- Brain fart. I know. I know. You’re reading this for inspiration and direction, and all I can do is be me- real, and perfectly imperfect. You see I’m dancing into my 40’s (I stole that phrase) and I’m purring every step of the way- younger, sexier, healthier, wiser than ever, but, yes, my senses are going weird on me. Sight, sound, smell, and sanity. I’m losing all of my “s senses.”. So, I forgot. Totally forgot what number three was. So, let’s smile on that one, and call it a day. Or, I can do something creative like tell you “This is meant for you to look within and discover your own truth,” and maybe so, but the realer truth is: Brain Fart.

Introducing Healthy Weight Loss

I try and make most of these blog posts as real as a real conversation that I would have with you if you and I were sitting together on a couch. Whatever off-shoot bursts into my brain, I’ll spout it out, like I would with a real-flesh-person-conversation where you scatter and roam, and laugh, and sit there, an hour later, wondering, “How in the world did we start talking about vaginal yeast infections?”

Here is the introduction to this post I began months ago, before the site went down for two months:

You know I share everything, everything, but everything. “Open Book” many have called me, and yet, how I lost 28 pounds and got muscle-toned and all that came with it, I haven’t shared. I’ve mentioned it here and there, and how I’m struggling with the hugely inflated ego that comes with 20 year old backpackers hitting on me with great and deliciously addictive intention. I’ve talked about how this has impacted my sexuality, and sometimes, confused my perceptions of reality and what I want- to be a happily together, for almost twenty years now, with the same man or other options.

Traveling the world has enabled Kobi and I to explore the questions, options, choices I think leading a stationary life may not have allowed us to. Hanging out with too many 20-something year old single backpackers hasn’t made us more conservative, that’s for sure. So, I want to start sharing the how, how in the world I lost 28 pounds, the nitty gritty of it.

So, here’s a video I wanted to share with you loves. This I made this video like 4 months ago. Can you tell how long I’ve been debating, swaying between share and not share. So, the time has come. Tell me what you think, ok?

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