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Music has this powerful affect on me. It always has. It captures my soul. It hugs me, touches inside of me this chord of truth and depth. It plays my soul like harp strings. It fills my being with connectedness and meaning.

My entire life, I’ve connected to songs; not just to their tune, but to their words. Like anyone in love knows that that love song written just for him; I’ve always found artists whose words vibrated in the exact same frequency of my heart. Songs have impacted me throughout my life. They’ve given my joy words when I could not; given my sadness meaning when I had lost mine; given my confusion melody when I most needed it.

Helped me parent when I had no idea how to…


In my life as a parent/spouse, I’ve have found music to be one of the most powerful vehicles of emotional and intellectual education I have available to me. I’d like to share with you the ways I integrate music into my life as a parent, as a spouse, and as a person.

1-Passing On Profound Messages

As a spouse, I can safely convey to Kobi feelings/pain/joy that would sometimes be hard for me to do verbally. And so, through the music, through someone else’s words, I can say “this is what I feel”.  Music does that so powerfully.

I believe, as parents, it is our obligation to pass on to our children our wisdom. They may not take it (actually, they most likely will spend much of their lives rebelling against it), but it is nonetheless our duty to pass it on. Our kids have the choice to take our ways, our lessons and use them, or not. I’ve found that the finest way (and least likely method to gain opposition) to teach my children my soul’s messages are through songs.

For years, Kobi and I have been singing our children to sleep with the words of a song that uses nature’s awesomeness as an analogy for love. “You fill up my senses like a night in the forest; like the mountains in springtime; like a walk in the rain; like the storm in the desert; like a sleepy blue ocean. You fill up my senses, come fill me again.” The words to John Denver’s song says it better than anything I could mumble. Through song, my children get the words, the music, the spirit and the energy of something dear to my heart. In addition to taking them to nature and interweaving nature into our lives; song is a glorious, colorful, and rich educational median to convey whatever is dear to our hearts.

Patriotism, love of nature, kindness to fellow man, love of animals… Search in youtube the keywords to whatever makes you tick. You’ll discover amazing unknown songs that fill your heart, your spouse’s, and your child’s with valuable moral and emotionally-accurate material.

2- Teaching Language Skills

How many of us took some great song in a foreign tongue and learned it word for word? It’s the best way to learn the nuances and spirit of a language, and a great introduction to cultures. I’ve taught my kids Mocedades’s 1974 Eurovision “Eres Tu”. Through it they’ve gained their first taste of Spanish and their parents’ endearment of its flow and essence of Latino art. Teaching our children lyrics is a dynamic, creative way to build their vocabulary as well. It’s a user-friendly English grammar lesson. Through lyrics we can teach our child poetic expression, parts of speech, imagery, and the art of using words to convey emotions and powerful messages


3- Bringing Physical Activity Into Our Lives

Music, by nature, invites a physical response. In other words, GET UP AND DANCE! Music invites motion. As a family, as a couple. as an individual soul, when was the last time you put on something powerful and danced like a madman? Today’s kids just don’t do that enough, and surely not with their parents. Today’s families don’t bond enough like that, and they should.

Our living room is a arranged in a way that within seconds we can push everything aside for the dance floor. Not a week will go by that the neighbors don’t hear loud music blaring through our living room door and out into the mountain side. Why? Because we’re inconsiderate, obnoxious neighbors? Maybe. But moreso, because we create a home that dances, that moves, that bonds and connects through energized motion.

4- Creating Family Memories

Songs capture memories. There’s that one that takes my heart back to a love I wanted to taste but was not meant to be; another that revives that summer when my best friend and I had to grow up faster than we were ready; and yet another that returns me to that outdoor concert when Kobi and I felt so totally alive and blessed. Because songs engage our senses, they have this great way to ingraining themselves into significant phases of our life. When I sing and dance with my family to the songs that make my soul sing; I hope I am ingraining in them the memory of some of our finer moments together.















5- Reconnecting To Yourself

I use songs to find myself when I get lost at home. When drowning in too much to do, too much chaos, too many demands; I fade out and straight info the wings of some glorious song. My kids know its holy and usually don’t interrupt. During many a challenging moments, I can be found in my living room, cd blasting, and me dancing like a teenager alone in her room, lost in some other rhythm than that which I feel stuck in.

What typically happens at this point is that my frequency changes. The song does it, like magic. I’ve closed my eyes, swayed, danced, sang, cried (when necessary), and returned a thoroughly scrubbed soul. “I’m much nicer now”, I tell the kids. And now, with my frequencies readjusted, I can handle whatever my family life requires of me.

6- Introducing A New Mood

The house takes on a mood. You can feel it in the air. Sometimes, it heavy and tense; other times, light and airy and fun. You and your family members create it, then breathe it, and then, often feel stuck it in. Music is a powerful age-old method of creating new emotions, new state of minds. Next time you feel trapped in the car or at home with your detestable children, put on some great music and watch. Your kids may join in- dancing with you, singing the words to the song, laughing. And suddenly, all’s changed. Family life has transformed from stuck to awesome and magical. Your impossible children and husband have become God-kissed and precious.

I could not imagine being a mom without the music. It keeps me sane, brings us motion, and educates with great grace. So friends, turn up your favorite song and experience true revelation.

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  • Aditya


    I can so connect with this post, Music definitely heals my soul. I’ve been through a major depression once and Music definitely played a pivotal part in me overcoming it.

    Music also helps me get back to that positive mood which I love from any mood I’m in. It holds such power on me.

    That inspired me to pick up the guitar, I’m an avid guitar player and I’m so passionate about it. I hope I can master it, seriously that could be one of the best thing that can happen to me.

    Fantastic post!



    • Gabi


      Dearest Aditya,

      I am so happy to be back online and connecting to this growing online community of like-minded souls working, step after step, towards their own enlightenment. What a joy to read your post about music and feel so strongly the same as you. Yes, it sings to my soul lullabies from some other deeper, more light filled world. Thank you Aditya. I cannot wait to read more about being chirpy, and again thank the stars that we have had the opportunity to become friends. we’re coming your way in the coming months… gabi


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