Where Did You Go, My Love? Where Did You Go? Healing and Hiking- Katmandu, Nepal

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I have so much to say to you long-lost friend. I have so many half-written posts on draft that I just have to sit down and finish up for your reading pleasure. I have much to share and yet, in 100% honesty, I’d rather be strumming on the guitar. Why?

Cuz I have fears and I have things to do
and both don’t encourage me to sit too much on this blog, my soul-spot. Fears that I’ll be one of those old ladies with the bent back and shortened posture when I am still very young. I want to be sexy and alive and 30 pounds lights yoga master, model of natural living and health and meditation. I want to be my own goddess of body, mind, soul and my body thinks otherwise. I fear this. And so, try to move a lot and not be on the computer a third of the time I used to be.

And that is one reason I’m not writing for you a lot these days.
I have soooo much to share. I’m still Gabi, on my soul and health journey, and I still am walking one step at at time, but I see this blog as a luxury. A place I go to to share and grow and develop and connect with a precious handful of deal souls who walk in the same rhythms that I do. Souls seeking honest sharing, inspiration, truth, and growth. And because I’ve been off seeking the witches of Siquijor, Philippines, and trying to figure out how to stop freaking out and start doing/being what I need to to become my healthiest me, I’ve let this fall to the side. Again, The Nomadic Family site is still strong and kicking and working cuz it’s still me, but it also creates some income. I cannot let that fall.

This baby is a virgin. Other than my therapy/coaching services and a few ebooks I’ve written, I have never sold anything that belongs or refers to anyone else. Ever.If you tell you about a book, like I did with Dear Lilly, or other books I have personally read it’s because as a friend, I think it has tremendous value. And so, no money making here means that, no, a real sincere organic, friendship intimate sharing here means that I can come and go, like I would with any friendship as it fits into my life.

Will I lose all of my traffic again?

Most likely. The last time the site went down for 2 months because of technical issues, my readership crashed. I was written two posts a week and had hundreds of reads and then, after I came back, I have a handful. I slowly grew that again, and now will/have lost it all again. But, it’s OK. I love having people read my work and of course, anytime you lose a friend or supporter, you sigh, but so is my life right now.

I started mediating 3- 6 hours a day and found out I chronically produce tension-creating thoughts. Chronically. Full-time. All the time. I went to seek some serious healing and ending up screaming like a madman with my Filipino friend Theresa as we wrote in the pitch dark with winds and rain pelting down upon us on muddy dirt, mountain roads seeking the next healer on the island of the witches.

I know I have a lot to catch you up on.

I also have given a great deal of time helping KObi more these days. He’s always the one who does all, but all the logistics and the money and the packing and the decisions while I float around healing myself and inspiring myself in reading, guitar playing, long walks, and the next course I’m learning or writing to teach others. No fair. So, I’m disciplining myself to say “Kobi, send me assignments and I’ll do it.” more and more, and he is. So, I’m helping my man make my life work. It’s only fair.

Also, we’re leaving for a 3-4 hiking expedition in a week and a half. We’re in Katmandu, Nepal, preparing to hike the Annapurna Circuit with a documentary film crew in about ten days. Lots of cool things going on and so, I’m not here. I’m sorry.

Please do read The Nomadic Family. It’s filled with me still sharing and inspiring but in a slightly different angle. And do leave comments if you want, so that I’ll know you were around. And do join us in Facebook under all three of my accounts to get the most out of me online. Squeeze me till I pop guys.

My son is next to me playing badminton against the door.
I think there is great value for a child to play by himself, to taste boredom, and to learn how to satisfy and challenge and enjoy himself unplugged. Still, he has and his sisters have asked me to play with them over and over again and I have said ‘no’ every time but that once, and that doesn’t feel right to me. And so, I’ll go see if Kobi needs me, and if not, I’m going to get off my ass, away from the computer which will always keep me busy with more to do, and go play with my son.

Tell me your thoughts. Or just smile. I know you are there either way.


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  • Vanessa Ortiz


    Hi Gabi, we are still here…I am still here..! Good to see you came back To at least say HI,..im Here, and I love you …and I have big and better things to do like LIVING my LIFE…;). No worries, I still read you in the Nomadic Family and I could re-read this blog many times more if need to… Love you!!!


    • Gabi


      thank you dearest Vanessa. you and your crew are my soul sisters and my heart is always filled by how much love and deep understanding we share. thank you for the comment vanessa. thank you.


  • Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families


    I hope you are doing well, it sounds like you are doing things to take care of yourself and that is very important. Your true readers will be here to support you when you get back. Most people who read blogs do visit to look for new content and of course if there isn’t any they will slowly slip away. You can focus on that issue when things are good and you have time to write full time again. Take care of you that is what is important.


    • Gabi


      thank you christy. i agree with every word that you said. thank you. i write when i am inspired and have the time to. that’s it. thank you. i am taking care of what is most important, but i do miss the online community constant writing formed. hugs to you and your family, gabi


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